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AVGV is one of the most creative and effective firms specializing in Regulation A+ offerings. AGVG understands every step in the process of a Regulation A+ offering and provides the necessary  services and talent  for a successful completion.

As the SEC rules are new and evolving, AGVG keeps itself apprised of the changes and requirements necessary to make sure a company covers all its bases. For example, even though the SEC exempts Blue Sky filings, certain states still require it. We’ll help you navigate the individual state rules a company needs to follow for a legal Regulation A+ offering in your state.

Companies turn to AGVG for our proven ability to formulate the best solutions.

AGVG leverages its diverse experience and its proven network to provide a premium level of service and quality.

AGVG understands how to work with the complicated process of a Regulation A+ Offering. The key to our success is our ability to quickly gain an in depth understanding of your company and the most effective way to achieve a successful Regulation A+ offering.